Friday, August 19, 2011


i've been reading a lot of this blog: faithfitnessfun. i'm not really with the faith side much, but i like to read the fitness/fun posts. they're really good.
in my own fitness news not much to report - have fallen into a general pattern of swimming tuesday morning, playing squash wednesday evening, basketball thursday, and a weights session or two at some stage in the week. and a walk or a run. sometimes basketball training on saturday. it works. it's still a struggle to find the time, but i manage it.
ok so this isn't a very inspiring post and i really want to devote more time to my blogs so i will try really hard to get back here with something useful to say soon.


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Hi. I'm Denny, a 47 year old mother of 3 from Tassie. I run, swim, play basketball and bushwalk. I love woodfired pizza, icecream and chocolate, and I've been a vegetarian for more than 5 years and can't imagine ever "going back".