Wednesday, April 20, 2011


According to Michelle Bridges (celebrity trainer from the biggest loser), the best way to lose weight is fasssst! This is what she says:

The old half a kilo loss this week, 200 grams lost last week, then the birthday party comes along with a kilo weight gain the following week, up down, on off….yawn…

(Personal trainers,) How many times have you heard your clients drone on about the weight trickling off, then trickling back on – I get sick of hearing it, as must you, so they must be nearly suicidal living it!

My message is simple, and it’s the same message that we use on the show – get the weight off FAST. Because the biggest motivation of all – is RESULTS! When their work colleagues are saying to them WOW! Look at you!

And while I can see some value in this, I have to agree this commenter has a point:

what a lot of crap this from a person who does this for a living ok, i want to see her do this working in an office go home cook , wash a child, clean the floor, change nappy make preperaion for the next day, get child to bed. wake up in the morning dress the child off to child care then work and etc etc over and over. my ass these fitness trainers got no idea.... also it isnt healthy to lose big weight in one go but yet they forget to say anything like that...

It'd be great to check into biggest loser camp for a few weeks to ditch a couple of kilos, but entirely unrealistic. It's pretty hard to concentrate on ANYTHING when you are hungry, and MUCH EASIER TO QUIT AND PIGOUT. So unless I get a free pass to fat camp along with the endorsement of my employers and family, that one is out for me.

She also says this, which I have been saying for years...

...personal trainers can’t be pulling out the old “get out of jail free” card that being “muscle weighs more that fat”. Yes, I know that technically this is true, however, as professionals we know that to put on a true kilo of muscle, particularly if you are a woman, will take longer than 7 days!

So when a weight loss client walks into the gym and is asked by their trainer how their weight’s going, and they say they’ve put on a kilo, and the stock response of the trainer is ‘oh well, we’ve been training pretty hard with weights this week, so it’s probably muscle…’

Someone shoot me! If you’ve got a weight loss client who’s not losing weight then it’s because she’s or he is EATING TOO MUCH and not doing the homework you have set for them! And as their trainer, it’s YOUR job to call them on it.

But I disagree with her ideas about starting fitness bootcamps for school kids. I can't see how that would EVER entice them into happy exercise habits for life. In fact, celebrities commenting on health, fitness, and weight loss gets up my nose entirely. Read this great observation...

It happens to everyone...

So I've been following my own advice (below) for 11 days now... so why won't the God of Weight Loss and Fitting into Jeans Comfortably recognise my effort? Well, to be honest, to expect 6kg to disappear in 11 days might be a bit unrealistic and I know it's actually going to take me about 2 and a half to 3 months, but really, it's a bit tedious, especially when everyone else is stuffing their face with Easter buns and chocolate eggs.

Still, I'm taking responsibility for my problem. I gained 5kg over 10 months from prolonged pigouts, and now I'm fixing it. My weapon of choice is WW ProPoints. And I have to admit, following this is 100% better than not having a plan and waking up every morning regretting my increased volume of adipose tissue and accompanying lack of inaction. Followed by another 17 hours of torment & recrimination.

There is NOTHING MORE BORING than weight loss blogs so I will leave it at that, and when I have a lovely after picture (check back about mid July) I will publish it for you. In the meantime you'll find me here:

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