Tuesday, June 15, 2010


...things are about to get REALLY BUSY for me so i think this blog might have to cool off for a while. i'll still post occasionally, however, and keep up with the workouts...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

not much has been happening on the food front. this blog has is demonstrating to me i need to try some new stuff! in other news i have a cold and thus have had a day or two off exercise. but on wednesday i played squash for the first time in ages and really enjoyed it. the parents play while the kids to judo at uni. i got beaten both times but i think i'll improve, it was my strategy that was letting me down. and last night i played 2 games of basketball so that was fun. i have a busy weekend of being a bridesmaid (ok, a matron) so i don't think i'll get much achieved on the health front, though i will try.

i'm planning on joining zap fitness because they have gyms both near here and near my new work. and i was worried about how i was going to fit some exercise in, particularly in the cold, wet, rainy depths of winter whilst working full-time.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunday pm tea. i fried up some zucchini with a little oil spray, and combined with some flavoured cous cous. i baked in a red capsicum, with shards of parmesan cheese.

monday lunch. home-baked red capsicum and sweet chilli cheese scroll (only one of the two i ate is pictured) and a green salad with a little blue cheese dressing.
followed by a soy ice-coffee (chocolate soy milk, coffee, low-fat yoghurt, chocolate powder, low-fat icecream and choc topping). because i'm on school holiday duty.

in other news i have had some apple oatmeal, 2 pieces of vegemite toast and 4 jaffas. and i'm going for a swim. on the weekend i did a 30 minute run in the huon forest (beautiful, but slippery and wet) and 60 minutes on the boring exercise bike.
consumption (eating/drinking) was off the scale on account of a hen's overnighter...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

tuesday/wed highlights

yummm low fat yoghurt, frozen raspberry and chocolate soy milk smoothie. jamie drinks the dairy milk version with chocolate powder.

this is a leftover lentil dish that was really tasty with garlic poppadoms.

this kind of looks like cat vomit but it tasted better than that. it's packet pasta with spinach, kale and rocket, as well as some low-fat ricotta cheese. it tasted ok, but packet pasta is ALWAYS regretful.

dinner was delicious - gnocchi with garlic, onion, fetta, and pasta sauce. if only cheese was tasty without being high in fat.

exercise for tuesday was mowing the lawn. it took me an hour. in other news i had a jaffa pigout last night, but only 3 today. it is taking extreme willpower. but if i don't stop shovelling junkfood down my throat i will have to take some sort of extreme action (eg diet) and i really don't want to do that. it's enough to scare me into moderation.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i don't do weights. i want to want to, but i just don't want to. i know i should, i know i need to, i have all the equipment to do weights at home (barbells, dumbells, and dvds), plus my own knowledge, but i just don't do weights.

i must stretch and do my physio exercises too, and sometimes i manage these, but i just don't do weights. i wish i did. i'd like to be strong and muscly.

so anyway. i do the next best thing. swimming workouts, running, cycling, sport, cross training things that will hopefully give me a little bit of all over strength, because i don't do weights.
so i hop on the scales everyone once in a while (1-2 weeks) just to see that nothing's getting drastically out of control. it's amazing that my weight seems to always be within a 1.5kg range.

i had some scales that rounded to the nearest half kg, which was great cos no freaking out over small fluctuations. then they broke. so i bought some super-dooper weigh to the nearest 100gm scales with a body fat measurement function, and i have to say i've been disappointed. esp as they can't make up their minds about my weight from one minute to the next. and anyway i don't want to know my weight to the nearest 100gm, i would rather they just said "hey, you're in your happy weight range, good work, as you were", rather than documenting minor changes. same with the body fat measurement. and useful if you are gaining muscle mass, but that's unlikely with me as i don't do weights. useful to know, but i've read these scales are usually out between 2 and 5% in favour of the weigh-ee.

anyway, rob fixed the old scales which is great. cos tonight the new ones were all over the place. over the course of a few minutes they offered me variations of up to 4kg, and refused to check my bodyfat at all. probably, they've just been dropped or got water in them or something, but i'm glad i still have the trusty old version working.


i really can't report a stellar day today. as well as:

i had m&ms, icecream, and dark chocolate. and some of these...(bread and butter)

plus apple'n'oats for breakfast, and my usual smoothie:

a salad sandwich for lunch, and stir fry for tea. with brown rice, better than noodles or white rice.

at least i started and finished the day with exercise. my 5k walk in the morning (see previous post) and 40 mins on the (stupid) bike in the evening.

i added the bike in cos it really wasn't too bad and i don't think i'll get a chance to exercise tomorrow (unless it's stupid bike again) - as i have an early morning dentist appointment, then child minding all day, then rob is out in the evening.

the bike is fine but there are a few annoying things about it - even at it's easiest level it's not easy. it's ok now, but when i wasn't doing much i struggled to do 30 mins at level 1. and i wasn't unfit. i believe it's calibrated heavy.

yesterday i did 40 mins at level 2-3, and it offered me a measly 128 calories. tonight i worked harder (lots of level 3-4) and it rewarded me with an extra 4 calories.

ok, so i put no stock in calorie burning calculators anyway - whether they be on fitness equipment or the net. you MAY get a chance to enter variables - age, sex, weight, but there's so many more - your metabolism, your fitness, the external temperature etc. i wouldn't be fool enough to go dancing off and eat the equivalent of what i'd just burned - but with our exercise bike calculations i doubt i'd be at risk of eating too much.

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