Sunday, May 29, 2011

sometimes i can be dumb

so things were going well until i dumbly hopped on the scale when i shouldn't have and noticed i'd gained half a kg when i was expecting to lose half a kg. turns out it was probably just a minor fluctuation but of course i couldn't reconcile that with myself at the time so i went off the rails for about 8 days until i actually had gained that half a kg and at least another one on top of that. and it was a miserable, bingy week.

sometimes i am top of this whole eating thing but other times i am still not. at my age!!

finally now the sanity is back.
i am not:
1. dieting
2. binging
3. weighing myself.

and i am:
eating healthily and normally.

sigh. sometimes i can be so dumb.
sometimes i can be so dumb.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quick update...

3 weeks, and 1.5 kg down. YAY! Still have a long way to go (weeks and weeks), but that's OK, because it's working! (my secret fear always is that what I'm doing isn't working). I'm back at full-time work tomorrow which will be a challenge (less daily activity, and less time to exercise, shop, plan and prepare food) that I will work to overcome.
I'm currently spending an inordinate amount of time buying, chopping, and cooking vegetables. But I have come up with my best salad ever. It has:

cherry tomatoes
fetta (30gm)
chickpeas (half a cup dry roasted in oven with paprika or cumin)
dried tomatoes (nb not SUN dried)
red capsicum
roast pumpkin
and a natural yoghurt dressing (75gm with grated lemon peel and chives)


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