Friday, June 29, 2012

I FUCKING HATE McDONALDS and I'm getting really tired of the people that go there.

Feeling RANTY.
I am sick to death of trying to squeeze past the lines of people at McDonalds in Cat & Fiddle just to get from A to B.  It's a public walkway.  Who ever approved it there?
My bus was delayed by a few minutes tonight by the traffic jam outside the drive-throughs in Kingston tonight.
I eat Maccas about twice a year.  Maybe fries at Tullamarine when the Sushi shop isn't open, maybe a 30c cone one hot day in summer with the kids.
And I am really starting to resent the people that do - eat it regularly.
Trying to eat healthily is made all that much harder by people that don't.  There's so many of them and they create so much demand for the crap food that healthy alternatives don't get offered.  It makes me really angry.
When I worked on a pharmacy project for DHHS I was seriously disturbed by the number of people on blood pressure reduction medication, cholesterol reduction medication, everything reduction medication.  It's costing the country a fortune, and increasing my health insurance costs.  It ISN'T fair.  Sometimes I feel I'm all for discriminatory health insurance pricing that is associated with how well people look after themselves.  Be a nightmare to implement though.
The pharmacists explained that the medication did such a great job of relieving symptoms that people felt no pressure to change anything themselves.
At work recently, I couldn't believe we got a vending machine when we are one lift ride away from a cafe that sells that that crap.  How hard is it people, how hard??
I campaigned against it and it's going now.  But I'm public enemy number one for those people that were too lazy to fall into the lift to go get something.  The range of pathetic excuses to keep the vending machine was ridiculous.
I spend ages preparing healthy food to take to work.  Or go out and buy it from the local city stores.
I know looking after your own health isn't always easy,  but it's also not hard and I wish more people would try it.  For God's Sake.  Little by little things can trun around by changing one behaviour at a time.

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