Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Upper Body

Today was all aboout UPPER body with weights at Zap this morning followed by a swim at Clarence Pool this evening.  Clarence Pool re-opened today after one month of refurbishment and it is better than ever.  What's not to like?
I shared the entire pool with 2 other people.  The giant changerooms were mine alone. The showers and toilets are no longer sub-standard.  Parking was right outside the door.
If I'd have been at the Aquatic Centre (otherwise known as THAC) things would have been a lot different.  Parking?  Could be 300m+ away.  Bogans?  Always.  Share a lap lane with 3 other people?  Most likely.  That lane is only 25m cos the pool has been split again?  Of course.  Pay more to get in?  Always.  Less availablitity of the "50" metre pool?  It closed to the public at 7pm, as opposed to 7.30pm at Clarence.  Smaller changerooms, even more disgusting after school holidays?  Yes, that's a tick for THAC.
My only concern with Clarence is it is a teensy bit colder than the Aquatic Centre.  But even that just makes me go faster.  It's all good.

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