Saturday, August 14, 2010

i missed vacuum me. the updates won't be so regular (probably a good thing) but hopefully i'll manage a meal and an exercise session a day.
i have changed my status from "i don't do weights" to "i maybe do weights" and have bought some more dumb-bells. in fact "i think i will do weights, soon."

yesterday and today i ran the nature trail at the peter murrell reserve, at huntingfield. it's a great run for winter. just the right amount of hills and flat bits, just the right length (about 40 minutes of my leisurely jogging). in summer, i find it a bit too hot to run there, but right now it's great. doesn't seem to get very muddy, either, and haven't got a leech (yet!). would be a perfect run to do every day - but of course i work full-time now, so it would be too dark.

looking forward to spring - more light, and more exotic fruit. YAY.

in food news i cooked an amazing chickpea curry dish last night from my vegetarian indian cookbook. cathy has the same book and complained that half the spices etc were not cupboard staples (eg amchoor, which is mango powder), but once you take a few trips to spiceworld, that problem is solved. and it's because they aren't your run of the mill ingredients that the dishes taste so good!

in other news i just drank a smoothie made from plain yoghurt, soy milk, chocolate protein powder, chia, and lsa (linseed soy almond) mix. with frozen raspberries. it was actually nice. and INCREDIBLY NUTRITIOUS.

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