Tuesday, October 19, 2010


i'm starting to think that this blog is getting a bit too radical for most of my friends and i should open it up to a worldwide audience - where there will be people who understand why i would choose to drink my typical breakfast smoothie of:

soy milk
low fat plain yoghurt
chia seeds (excellent source of omega 3)
LSA (linseed, soy, almond)
frozen raspberries
protein powder
and, wait for it
raw spinach (it's taken me a long time to try this, but you really can't taste it).

and why i have decided to avoid sugar (it's pretty much impossible to escape it) for about 360 days of the year - meaning no cakes, biscuits, slices, lollies, chocolate, icecream, desserts etc - because sugar was kind of starting to rule my life. i've spent the past few days doing google research and i'm happy with my choice. already i feel better, too.

and even why i'm vegetarian.
to me, none of it is extreme, it's just healthy and smart.
i'm sure you (my 2-3 loyal readers) would beg to differ.


lala said...

I don't understand why you would want to eliminate sugar altogether from your diet. Surely just cutting back would suffice??

lala said...

But that's just my opinion, from someone who eats way too much sugar and would never give up chocolate!!

vacuumdreamer said...

yes you are definitely right. cutting back will suffice.
i wanted to see if i was addicted to it, but i think it was just habit.

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