Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It happens to everyone...

So I've been following my own advice (below) for 11 days now... so why won't the God of Weight Loss and Fitting into Jeans Comfortably recognise my effort? Well, to be honest, to expect 6kg to disappear in 11 days might be a bit unrealistic and I know it's actually going to take me about 2 and a half to 3 months, but really, it's a bit tedious, especially when everyone else is stuffing their face with Easter buns and chocolate eggs.

Still, I'm taking responsibility for my problem. I gained 5kg over 10 months from prolonged pigouts, and now I'm fixing it. My weapon of choice is WW ProPoints. And I have to admit, following this is 100% better than not having a plan and waking up every morning regretting my increased volume of adipose tissue and accompanying lack of inaction. Followed by another 17 hours of torment & recrimination.

There is NOTHING MORE BORING than weight loss blogs so I will leave it at that, and when I have a lovely after picture (check back about mid July) I will publish it for you. In the meantime you'll find me here:

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