Sunday, December 25, 2011

yeah but that's what you do...

feeling a litte bitter today. i ran the furthest i ever have (22km) and posted it on facebook and did not get one comment. i know putting it on facebook is a bit braggy, but i was proud. and it was hard.
if i'd got a new job or baked an amazing cheesecake and put it on facebook i would have had a million comments by now.
my legs won't be stiff tomorrow either. because i'm good at this. because i do it lots. but each run i do is still an effort. an effort to find the time. to run and not walk once (dennys don't walk). to choose longer and longer runs. to go out in the rain, or the failing light, or the early morning. none is an easy choice.
someone at work was telling me his family did the mark webber challenge. 6.5km. i said well done. then mentioned i had just run 7km in my lunch break. "yeah but that's what you do" he said. damn right i do. more than he does the ad hoc and incredibly slowly paced fun run (54 mins was his time). but no accolades because i make myself do it all the time. and people think it's easy for me. well maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. i might be fitter than them but that's because i keep doing it and doing it. and it's not because i'm denny and it's what i do. it's because i work hard. harder than they do. hmmmph.

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