Saturday, January 15, 2011

fail - no points to me

i went to the moorilla tennis international today and had a really great time watching the tennis. however, as bloody typical in this city, the event was undercatered for (eg the bbq they had up there ran out of sausages before either of the doubles finals had commenced, and the crappy takeaway van there had two lines at least 30 people long each side). i had planned on getting some sushi to take, but i wasn't really organised enough, though to be fair to myself i was looking after 4 children singlehandedly and rushing to get ready for a pre-tennis swim at the aquatic centre.

in years gone past there has been semi decent food available at the event, like wood-fired pizzas or other such offerings, but this year there was only a coffee van and one of those junkfood caravans with hot chips and burgers and other greasy alternatives.

it was VERY DISAPPOINTING. there are any number of decent takeaway options at salamanca market on a saturday morning and i bet there would be plenty of interest from them in catering for the event.

i ended up with a cookie and an "ice-coffee" - coffee mixed with milk and ice.
i have learnt my lesson. i will be more prepared next time.

i like to have something yummy to eat like the other spectators around me, but i also like it to be healthy. i noticed lots of people around me had brought their own food in little cooler bags, i think i will buy myself a smart little cooler bag (the supermarket ones are too big) so i am not at the mercy of the event organisers and can bring along something appealing that i won't regret eating.

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alisonmmackay said...

I picked up a little cooler bag at Kmart last night for $8 - it even came with a little Tupperware-like container that fits neatly in the bottom section. Bargain!

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