Friday, January 14, 2011

time travelling (or my descent into mental illness)

now that i think about it, i am no stranger to sending messages to my past self. sometimes, when i finish a hard workout (usually running, but sometimes swimming), i say to the denny of 20 minutes prior (or 40 minutes, or however long i decide) - "thank you" (for keeping going, you got me there). sometimes i receive these messages before i've even sent them, which is kind of cool (if a little bit crazy). i've been doing this for years.

most of the time, i can't be bothered exercising. 85% of the time, i do it anyway (unless i'm feeling geuinely tired, injured or sick or have done something every day for the past 4 or 5 days). because i know if i let myself get out of it, it will become easier to do the same thing the next time and so on, and so on, until i'm not exercising any more and i have lost all my fitness.

95% of the time, i'm grateful to myself that i did exercise. i can relax for a little while without a nagging conscience. that conscience can be pretty annoying. for example when i'm eating junkfood when i'm a few kg overweight. not nearly so enjoyable when i know i don't have the space for it (on my body, in my jeans).

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