Friday, March 11, 2011


Denny's Top Ten Tips for difficult weight loss.

(It's difficult because it is difficult).

1. Get enough sleep. Otherwise you won't have the mental energy to make the best decisions.

2. Tread the path of least resistance.
  • Don't have crap in your house. Or if you have to, make it stuff that isn't exciting enough to need very often - eg I can't live in a house without chocolate, but if it's 80% proof Lindt, I won't want it all that frequently and I won't each much.
  • Avoid going to places/parties etc that are going to challenge you - or at least plan - eat first, and carry healthy food....
3. Follow a plan. Just trying "to be good" seldom works.
  • Make it a good plan. ie Weightwatchers or calorie counting or Jenny Craig - not a powdered drink for lunch and dinner.
4. Get support. Try to get a friend to do it too.

5. Don't weigh yourself all the time. Leave it at least a week. The scales are dictators of your emotions.

6. Don't let good be the enemy of perfect. So what if you can't run or get to the gym. Just get a 30min walk in somehow. Don't worry about being extreme...

7. Forget about everyone else. This is about you and how you feel. Don't let them tell you what to do or not to do...

8. Keep calm, and carry on, whatever. Mistakes happen.

9. Plan, shop, eat, drink, and exercise.

10. It takes as long as it takes. Don't have unrealisitc expectations.


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Amanda said...

Thanks Denny : )

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