Friday, June 17, 2011

it seemed like a good idea at the time...

I'm always on the lookout for non-boring, healthy breakfast alternatives. I like raw muesli, but I'm not big on cereal or dairy (unless it's ICE-CREAM). My research over the years has turned up some good websites like simply breakfast and mr breakfast (try the baked cranberry oatmeal).

for breakfast i generally eat rolled oats and apple, microwaved with a bit or water and cinnamon (optional extras include almond flakes, sultanas, maple syrup or brown sugar). i also have a smoothie most days of the week. at it's healthiest, it contains soy milk, spinach (you REALLY can't taste it), frozen berries (usually raspberries) and chia seeds (they're really good for you). sometimes it has chocolate powder, sometimes it has low-fat low sugar plain yoghurt. i like my smoothies THICK and i don't really like bananas.

the other day, i saw a new breakfast idea - a hot chocolate that sounded great. milk (or in my case soy milk) heated up with chocolate powder, raspberries, and oats, then blended. sounded perfect.


i couldn't even finish it. i probably put too many oats in, and the result was kind of like chocolate flavoured clag (you know, the glue that we used as kids?) it was so thick i couldn't really suck it through my straw, so it also got cold. YERRK.

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