Friday, October 21, 2011


I have started playing lunch-time Touch Football on Tuesdays and it is REALLY FUN. Every Tuesday at 12.45 a group of people meet at the Cenotaph. Someone brings some witches hats and marks out a field. Two teams are formed randomly, and then they play for the next half hour at which point "Next goal wins!". I haven't played much Touch Football in my life but I have played lots of large ball sports and it is easy to pick up.

Every other player is male, but as they are mostly my age and older they include me and don't do that only-pass-to-other-men-because-she's-a-girl-and-probably-can't-catch thing that often happens in "mixed" sports. I'm used to that anyway, and even if I can't get in on offensive plays I can usually do enough defending to prove myself.

The people that play come from a few different workplaces around town. Apparently it started about 10 years ago with mostly Hobart City Council office workers, but since then other people have got involved.

Anyway, I had a great time this week, got a great workout, and broke my little finger in a great intercept. I break my little finger about once a year, so that's no big deal...yet. My right-hand little finger is pretty wimpy and weak and the end can't take much pressure. I did get a bit concerned after the 2nd or 3rd time I broke it in a year and got a bone density test, but turned out all was fine. Just a weakling finger.

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