Friday, November 11, 2011

Cathy has recently blogged about how there aren't many women participating in the individual sports she is currently pursuing. I understand how she feels. At my Tuesday lunch-time Touch Footy there is only one girl that plays - me - and usually about 13 guys. On Thursday I filled in on a lunch-time Futsal team (that's indoor soccer) - and the same scenario. Me and 7 guys. Why is it that only guys are organising and playing these kinds of things? Is it because all the women are too busy getting eyelash additions/extensions - (at last count there were at least 5 people at work sporting the Bambi look). YAWN. Admittedly, you do need an experienced background in sport to be able to join in these activities (and men that are nice enough to let you play and not smash the ball into your face when you are goalie), but all that is showing is that not many girls are getting that either. And you have to put yourself out there - I only get to play by piping up when the guys in the office are asking other guys to play. They've been a bit surprised and say Oh, do you play Touch/Soccer/whatever, and then I have to say - well no, not really, but I know how to handle a ball and I can play sport. Usually my defensive skills are enough to get me through. But it would fun to have some other girls come along too. Where are you?

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