Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've just finished a leisurely 10km run on the mountain with a friend. I say leisurely because we did it in 65 minutes; my usual time would be about 55mins. But she doesn't run as fast as me. I have to say however, that running with slower friends has a few great advantages:
- they think you're really fit (and tell other people) even when you know you aren't
- you can easily chat and pass the time whilst running in a nice, steady rhythm
- you feel great afterwards
Feeling great afterwards would have to be the biggest benefit. Usually, when I run by myself or play a hard game of sport I feel kind of rotten afterwards. If the activity has been in temperatures over 20 degrees and/or has involved much sun exposure I feel worse, and often get a headache. I also end up with a red, flushed face that stays that way for hours - not a good look at work.
I don't understand this as it's usually exercise that I feel comfortable with at the time and have done a million times before, so it's kind of annoying. I don't particularly push myself either - ie I'm not panting noisily or vomitting at the end, it's just a little too much somehow. And yes I do drink enough water - not that I should need to for a simple 5 or 6km.
I run with the slow people at work at lunchtimes because the fast ones are all men and do 20kms on the weekends - not suitable training partners. There seems no middle ground. The ones I go out with are happy to run the 5km-6km all the way without stopping and like me to go along to push them a bit. It works for me to because I get exercise without really feeling it.
However I wouldn't say that it was improving my fitness at all...
Maybe I should stick with the simple stuff during the week and push myself a bit on weekends?
Other options are to run early in the mornings (but I feel dead tired halfway through the afternoon) or early in the evenings - but that's a tricky time family wise.

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