Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i really can't report a stellar day today. as well as:

i had m&ms, icecream, and dark chocolate. and some of these...(bread and butter)

plus apple'n'oats for breakfast, and my usual smoothie:

a salad sandwich for lunch, and stir fry for tea. with brown rice, better than noodles or white rice.

at least i started and finished the day with exercise. my 5k walk in the morning (see previous post) and 40 mins on the (stupid) bike in the evening.

i added the bike in cos it really wasn't too bad and i don't think i'll get a chance to exercise tomorrow (unless it's stupid bike again) - as i have an early morning dentist appointment, then child minding all day, then rob is out in the evening.

the bike is fine but there are a few annoying things about it - even at it's easiest level it's not easy. it's ok now, but when i wasn't doing much i struggled to do 30 mins at level 1. and i wasn't unfit. i believe it's calibrated heavy.

yesterday i did 40 mins at level 2-3, and it offered me a measly 128 calories. tonight i worked harder (lots of level 3-4) and it rewarded me with an extra 4 calories.

ok, so i put no stock in calorie burning calculators anyway - whether they be on fitness equipment or the net. you MAY get a chance to enter variables - age, sex, weight, but there's so many more - your metabolism, your fitness, the external temperature etc. i wouldn't be fool enough to go dancing off and eat the equivalent of what i'd just burned - but with our exercise bike calculations i doubt i'd be at risk of eating too much.

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