Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunday pm tea. i fried up some zucchini with a little oil spray, and combined with some flavoured cous cous. i baked in a red capsicum, with shards of parmesan cheese.

monday lunch. home-baked red capsicum and sweet chilli cheese scroll (only one of the two i ate is pictured) and a green salad with a little blue cheese dressing.
followed by a soy ice-coffee (chocolate soy milk, coffee, low-fat yoghurt, chocolate powder, low-fat icecream and choc topping). because i'm on school holiday duty.

in other news i have had some apple oatmeal, 2 pieces of vegemite toast and 4 jaffas. and i'm going for a swim. on the weekend i did a 30 minute run in the huon forest (beautiful, but slippery and wet) and 60 minutes on the boring exercise bike.
consumption (eating/drinking) was off the scale on account of a hen's overnighter...

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