Thursday, June 3, 2010

tuesday/wed highlights

yummm low fat yoghurt, frozen raspberry and chocolate soy milk smoothie. jamie drinks the dairy milk version with chocolate powder.

this is a leftover lentil dish that was really tasty with garlic poppadoms.

this kind of looks like cat vomit but it tasted better than that. it's packet pasta with spinach, kale and rocket, as well as some low-fat ricotta cheese. it tasted ok, but packet pasta is ALWAYS regretful.

dinner was delicious - gnocchi with garlic, onion, fetta, and pasta sauce. if only cheese was tasty without being high in fat.

exercise for tuesday was mowing the lawn. it took me an hour. in other news i had a jaffa pigout last night, but only 3 today. it is taking extreme willpower. but if i don't stop shovelling junkfood down my throat i will have to take some sort of extreme action (eg diet) and i really don't want to do that. it's enough to scare me into moderation.

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