Tuesday, June 1, 2010

so i hop on the scales everyone once in a while (1-2 weeks) just to see that nothing's getting drastically out of control. it's amazing that my weight seems to always be within a 1.5kg range.

i had some scales that rounded to the nearest half kg, which was great cos no freaking out over small fluctuations. then they broke. so i bought some super-dooper weigh to the nearest 100gm scales with a body fat measurement function, and i have to say i've been disappointed. esp as they can't make up their minds about my weight from one minute to the next. and anyway i don't want to know my weight to the nearest 100gm, i would rather they just said "hey, you're in your happy weight range, good work, as you were", rather than documenting minor changes. same with the body fat measurement. and useful if you are gaining muscle mass, but that's unlikely with me as i don't do weights. useful to know, but i've read these scales are usually out between 2 and 5% in favour of the weigh-ee.

anyway, rob fixed the old scales which is great. cos tonight the new ones were all over the place. over the course of a few minutes they offered me variations of up to 4kg, and refused to check my bodyfat at all. probably, they've just been dropped or got water in them or something, but i'm glad i still have the trusty old version working.

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