Thursday, June 10, 2010

not much has been happening on the food front. this blog has is demonstrating to me i need to try some new stuff! in other news i have a cold and thus have had a day or two off exercise. but on wednesday i played squash for the first time in ages and really enjoyed it. the parents play while the kids to judo at uni. i got beaten both times but i think i'll improve, it was my strategy that was letting me down. and last night i played 2 games of basketball so that was fun. i have a busy weekend of being a bridesmaid (ok, a matron) so i don't think i'll get much achieved on the health front, though i will try.

i'm planning on joining zap fitness because they have gyms both near here and near my new work. and i was worried about how i was going to fit some exercise in, particularly in the cold, wet, rainy depths of winter whilst working full-time.

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