Sunday, May 30, 2010

and more

on friday i went for an evening swim (i swim about 1400m usually), on saturday i did my 10km run on the pipeline track. it took me about 47 minutes, which i'm happy with. i like to do sub 5 minute kilometres, even if they are on a relatively flat track. i'm ok on hills so i hope that wouldn't change my time much.
i went for a recreational swim with the kids yesterday, and i was surprised to feel a bit stiff. i don't run so much on account of my knees, although all the fish oil and glucosamine does seem to be helping.
frozen raspberries, a tablespoon of coconut, and chocolate soy milk with plain low fat yoghurt - fantastic! look at that the straw stands up by itself:

a tofu vegie stirfry with lots of asparagus and some choy sum.

nuts: really fill you up when it isn't a meal-time...

chocolate brownie with icecream and hot raspberry sauce!

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