Sunday, May 16, 2010

breakfast was oatmeal (made from soy milk and water) with a tb of coconut, some raspberries, vanilla, brown sugar, and chopped pecans on top. sounds better than it was, but it was ok.

most days, there are jamie's vegemite toast crusts. i don't have to keep taking pictures of these do i? same with the oj and fish oil/assorted vitamins. just assume.

rob and i shared a footlong subway veggie delite for lunch.

later i had a smoothie made from soy milk, frozen raspberries, soy milk and chocolate powder. the main problem with these is they make me feel cold!

some nuts, the end of a bottle of wine before tea. then red capsicum pasta which is reeeallly yummy.

and finally, the last stupid lindt ball!

exercise today was the skyline track again. my knees are feeling better, and i really wanted to go for a run too, but it never happened. kids n stuff. done my physio exercises for the first time in 4 days though!

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