Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So, started the day with a favourite smoothie. Frozen raspberries, low fat yoghurt and soy milk, some chocolate powder and a linseed combo. I love this.

Then my usual breakfast of course. With some Jamie crusts afterwards.

I broke my own "No chocolate before midday" rule, which is always risky, as it can result in full-scale pigouts.

Couldn't resist a white dinner roll with butter for morning tea.

I looove this simple combo of grilled tomatoes (with salt and oil spray), pasta, and ricotta. Seasonned with basil and pepper. So easy and sooo tasty! There were more Jamie-toast-crusts, too.

I'm not buying more of these mini magnum things. Am only just getting over some major blow-outs with these guys. They're Coles brand, but premium quality. Thank God there's no more.

But there are still Lindt Balls. I wish people wouldn't give me chocolate. Really. I can't control myself (see later photo).

Fruit tingles are a useful strategy to stop me eating more chocolate. Cos they're sweet, but you can't eat too many, and they kind of take your mind off the chocolate. I suspect Princess Mary employs a similar strategy.

I made the BEST pumpkin-sweet potato soup, and had a bowl and a half with some exciting triangly bread I found at Coles. Even Jamie loved the soup, he had 3 bowl-fulls.

Dessert: The leftover sugared almonds that I bought the other day. And argghhh, the chocolate was too good. I am not proud.

Then OJ and fish oil. Again. There was no exercise today. Aside from a swim with Jamie. Not good but it was raining, and Rob was out til 8pm - I was looking after the others. I'll do my physio exercises, like yesterday...

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