Sunday, May 9, 2010


SO I've had this blog for about 4 years but not done much with it. And I've lost a bit of enthusiasm for my other blog so thought I'd push this one a bit. This one I set up as kind of health and fitness blog that I never really used much. But I've decided to use it for a while now.

It's going to be about what I eat, how I exercise etc. Mostly boring to most people. But I read another blog called Healthy Tipping Point (and some similar ones), and I enjoy them. There is nothing more boring in blogs than someone who lists what they've eaten every day and how many calories it was. But somehow the occasional pictorial representations are more interesting, especially when they sometimes come with recipes.

Feel free to comment and/or ask questions. Or pass the link on to other people. I wouldn't bother telling me that I'm "too skinny" though, because then I will ask you - for what? Because really, for what am I too skinny, what's it going to do to me? I don't understand why people tell me this, esp as I am not skinny. I am 21% bodyfat, in the normal range and about 6% above the miminum recommended. And don't tell me I need meat either, cos I don't. Studies show that the vegetarian population is generally healthier than the carnivores. And smarter. Neh.

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