Saturday, May 15, 2010

saturday. urgh.

sometimes when you look back over the day like this you realise how badly you've gone. i started with the thick fruit toast. each slice is like having 3 of the normal slices, so i probably didn't need one and a half slices.
wholemeal bread roll after soccer, fine. at least i wasn't eating the cheese rolls that everyone else was having.

lunch was a vegie burger in a wrap with tomato, spinach & mozzarella...

and of course a chocolate fix...

and a regular sized cupcake with butter icing. terrible.

the rot continued when i decided to make myself an ice chocolate - with lots of icecream, some chocolate topping and some grated chocolate. worse, i had 2 glasses (these kind of pig outs inevitably happen when i try to create things at home that i would usually buy - like the hot chocolate of last weekend).

tea was a tomato dahl - not too bad, except i had seconds...

then i lost the plot with more cupcakes. not proud.

after that, it was anything goes...bloody stupid lindt balls...

today's exercise was a 5km walk round the nieghbourhood, but it really didn't make up for all the crap i ate.

Tomorrow. Will. Be. Better.

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