Monday, May 10, 2010


Today I started the day with my typical breakfast - one and a half apples cooked with water in the microwave for 3 minutes with a handful of sultanas. then half a cup of oats added, microwaved for another 90 seconds. served with a teaspoon of maple syrup and a tablespoon of mixed nuts on top. and some vegemite toast crusts that jamie wouldn't eat.

I met a friend at Dome in town, for a drink. I had a soy iced chocolate, with icecream but not cream. Yuuuuummm! This isn't a picture of the one i had, but you get the idea.

Just before lunch i ate 6 oysters that i had the fortune of acquiring (long story) i adore oysters. and after lunch some sugar almonds i have been dreaming about for a while. i bought them from "chocolate and more" in bank arcade, while i quizzed the owner on the ingredients in her italian hot chocolate. for lunch i had a wholegrain roll from breadd, with pesto, spinach, grilled eggplant, capsicum and mozzarella.

tea was a tofu-vegie stirfy with noodles - usually it's rice but i wanted a change. i even made the sauce - it had honey, chilli, lime juice, garlic, soy sauce and stock. to be kind, i gave rob a break from tofu - he had a chicken stirfry.
followed by a frozen kahlua cupcake. frozen cupcakes are a delicacy in this househould - you need to try to understand.

The only other things I've had today are my oj and fish oil/glucosamine, and a big spoonful of the pasta and sauce that the boys had for tea. YUMMM.

I've been good and done my physio exercises and my stretches, and gone for a swim. I don't normally use paddles when i swim, but thought i'd give it a go today.

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