Thursday, May 13, 2010

ok, so things are getting outta hand...

today was booooring. i had stuff i've already had this week. the usual breakfast of apple and oatmeal (my family ate croissants). the usual snack (nuts). the usual lunch (toasted cheese and vegie sandwich). the usual tea (tofu stir-fry). no wonder i lost the plot and broke out.
in exercise news, a typical walk around the neighbourhood at 6am. it's 5km. typical triple j playing. it was cooold. last time i said i'm not doing this again without gloves! this time, i said the same thing about a hat.
and tonight is bball. let's hope it is somewhat warmer and more interesting.

look at all the crap i ate today. it really added up (yes, sometimes all that is left is the wrappers). it is time for a little reset.
although i am pissed off about the stupid lindt balls. i hate it when people give me chocolate. cos i can't bring myself to give it away so i just end up kind of tripping up on it myself. or in it. whatev. and with a box like the one i got on the weekend, it trips me up all week. i asked for a waffle maker for mother's day. so i could make halthy and interesting breakfasts. and got the chocolates. sigh.

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