Tuesday, May 18, 2010


i'm pretty busy this week. your regular service may have to be interupted. not that i'm sure anyone reads this blog anyway.
i've found a group of cool health/food/fitness blogs that appeal to me - vegetarians trying to eat properly, and happily, and exercising to look after their body and achieve individual goals. here are some:
healthy tipping point
healthy ashley
loser for life
i think the appealing thing about their blogs that mine doesn't have is that they are consistently successful at avoiding pigouts! i still have some work to do. behold today's gingerbread consumption:

yes there was an am gingerbread pigout, and a pm one.
other junk wasn't too bad, just a mini packet of fruit tingles and a square of chilli chocolate.
breakfast was my usual apple and oatmeal (plus sultanas, nuts and maple syrup). for lunch i made a delicious pumpkin/sweet potato soup. and for tea, a spicy dahl from my indian vegetarian cookbook.
also lots of multigrain bread, and probably too much butter.

and no exercise - arghh. i was near knocklofty reserve today, and had planned a walk (would have loved a run but - knee issues - cannot run 2 days in a row). it didn't happen due to time constraints. like i said, this week is tight - these are the busiest 2 days i have had since i commenced my "leave". i am trying not to be concerned as things will return to normal on friday. still a bit scary though....

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