Thursday, May 20, 2010

so. usual breakfast. you know it. oats are great for vegos. and oj and vitamins.

had to eat some m&ms. doing some job application work that i hated.
and these. for the same reason.

lunch was some bread and butter with some pasta and an olivey-red-pesto-eu sauce. looked a bit oily. but i was in a bit of a rush. still no excuse, but it tasted good.

then some delicious rice-paper vegie rolls from the vegetarian place in bank arcade. they have crushed peanuts in them. pricey, but worth it.

it was my good friend amanda's birthday. look what her mum made!!
cake with 4 layers with caramel (and jam) in between.

then later, after basketball, i had the yummy dahl that i had two nights ago. with some plain yoghurt (sorry, no picture, but you can just scroll down).
then this icecream. i had forgotten about the cake when i made it. otherwise i wouldn't have. but hey - can't waste it...

i played a full game of basketball today for my exercise. it was great fun as usual, and i am relieved to be back exercising again. now for the stupid physio exercises...

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