Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally. Not such a bad day. I realised that over the last 2 weeks i have pigged out on mini magnuns, lindt balls, cupcakes and gingerbread men and this might be the likely cause of my half kg weight gain. which will be addressed. anyway. the only thing i forgot to take a photo of was a square of dark chilli chocolate. oh, and oj and fish oil.
started the day with my favourite smoothie - low fat soy milk and low-fat yoghurt, frozen raspberries and hot chocolate powder.
then followed by oats, apples, sultanas, cinnamon, nuts and maple syrup:

multi grain bread with butter and pumpkin/sweet potato soup for lunch...

some nuts:

vegies and pasta and parmesan cheese. this didn't work out so well for me because it was probably too much and it made my stomach all puffy and sore.

these jellybeans are darrell lea. ok, but not the glucose ones from the chemist which taste delicious.

no exercise again today! can't remember the last time i had 2 days off in a row when i wasn't sick! but very busy with the job-hunting etc this week. it's a temporary blip that is unlikely to be repeated. phew. basketball tomorrow.

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