Friday, May 14, 2010


Today's exercise was a swim with Jamie at Kingston Pool then lap swimming in the evening at the Aquatic Centre. I am so tired now.
To break out of my breakfast rut I baked raspberry and chocolate chip muffins, I put in half the oil, sugar and chocolate. Still tasted good, probably oats are better for me, but whatever.

I made spinach and philly sushi for lunch...delicious.

These little bastards are still around. Only 3 left however. Thankfully.

For tea I made a delicious pizza. It had pumpkin, spinach, red onion, mushroom and mozzarella. WOW.

And the perfect follow-up - icecream and Coles ice-magic with hundreds & thousands.

In other news I am still taking three thousand fish oil tablets a day, however I have been slack re my physio exercises.

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