Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I started with my usual breakfast...(see yesterday)
Then went for a walk in Bicentennial Park - from Churchill Ave to Mt Nelson Signal Station. I didn't really feel like it, but did it anyway. About 50 mins return if you jog some of the return. It starts with a bit of a tough uphill, although there were plenty of nice places to rest (but I didn't). Then it gradually tapers out. It's a lovely view up the top.

After that I spent a few hours watching/assisting with the school cross country at the beach...

Before buying a roll and some fruit from Lipscome Larder.

The roll was great - roasted vegies, cheese, salad, except for the added trans fats - look at the lettuce that is coated in margerine. ICK!

Why do they need to do that??
Afterwards, a Freddo chocolate fix.

Then nuts to help me survive kiddie processing...

Until I could cook our meal - Bengali Dal. It's from my supercool Indian Vegetarian Cookbook. I took a photo, but it disappeared (like the food), so here is one from the book. Interestingly, mine nearly did look the same.

And of course, some chocolate to round off the day:

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